Quinty van der Geest

Your source of inspiration and music written from the heart.

Quinty van der Geest

Your source of inspiration and music written from the heart.

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This is Quinty

Hi, it is so good to see you here! My name is Quinty van der Geest. I'm a 22-year-old independent artist who sings English pop music, with a country feel and a soft sound. It is my mission to inspire people like you and make them feel something with the power of my voice.

Connection and honesty is something you will always find in my songs. There's a relation to life topics like break-up and identity, but I also love to let my fantasy on the lose to create a story. 

"I can't live an ordinary life, when I feel like the extraordinary is waiting for me."

Our dreams create a certain reality in our minds and i've chosen to make that reality come true. It would be an honor if you'd tag along. 

Let's take on the world together! 

Live on stage

It is my greatest pleasure to perform and entertain others. When talking about connection, that's where the magic happens. Besides being a singer/songwriter, my stage-performance is fit for a lot of settings.

Just my instrument and me for intimate sessions, the full band for an incredible live experience or something that might surprise you. Anything is possible when it comes to the thing that's the most special in my career. Connecting with an audience.

Want to discuss the options for your next event/festival/seminar/lounge night etc? Don't hesitate to reach out or check-out my performance page. 

Feel to be Real

Newest Release 

During Spring 2023, I was walking through the streets of London, felt the romance in the air and couldn’t help but let my fantasies go wild.

A melody formed, followed by a story which led to my song ‘Somewhere in London’ that tells the story of a stranger in a new city and a local experiencing unexpected love.

The song brings you a soft piano-ballad with all aspects of a romantic story included. 

'Somewhere in London' has been in out into the world since March 21st, 2024

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