About Quinty

Feel to be real

Quinty van der Geest is a 22-year-old artist, based in The Netherlands. She makes country/pop music with a folk feel and soft sound. "It is my mission to inspire others and make them feel something they can't reach, through my music."

At the age of 15, Quinty released her debut single 'Rise Up'. A song about her struggles as a teenager, which she wrote and released by herself.

After an exchange year in the USA, finishing High School and a College degree, she released new music in March 2021. Her song 'What Do you See?' gained the attention of Dutch radio DJ Giel Beelen who gave Quinty a stage to perform the song live on NPO Radio 2. After 'What Do You See?' her singles 'Villain', 'Rather Be' and 'Impossible' followed.


Quinty is an independent artist who chose to dive into the business side of music. As a result, she started selling some of her music royalties to fans in October 2023. A plan in which she raises money to fund the growth of her career, but most importantly where she can reward the people that have had faith since the early stage.

Her actions attracted attention from several Dutch media like Radio West, podcast 'je geld en/of je leven' and QUOTE. Because of Quinty’s movement, she can finance all the music she wants to release in 2024. While staying an independent artist.

The release of single ‘Quiet’ on 26th of January 2024 followed and now the singer-songwriter has another song coming on March 21st titled ‘Somewhere in London’.

In some perspective, she may be at the beginning, but Quinty van der Geest is ready for the big show!