Pioneering in music

Let Quinty inspire you with her vision and message.

It can be different.

It's not about taking action against record labels or resisting the music industry. We live in a time where much more is possible. Space has emerged for innovation.

Now, I'm selling my music rights to fans, in order to invest in my career and then reward them for their trust.

This is a new form of building business in music. Through my story, I feel that the vision I have is refreshing for many and inspires others to dream big themselves.

From my experience as a young female entrepreneur and independent artist.

My talks combined with my music!

As a singer/songwriter, I have released 7 original songs so far. With this music, I can amplify the message of my talks even further. More inspiration and insights, but with a melody underneath.

The songs you can expect align perfectly with the themes I discuss. I'd be happy to explain this further in a call.

Quinty for Bangladesh


Quinty's Talks: 45-60 minutes

  • Learn about the current music industry.
  • Speculate on the value of music rights.
  • Discover how I, as a young woman, pioneer in this industry.
  • The power of being independent.
  • Let yourself be immersed in my refreshing vision.
  • Dreaming beyond country-borders.
  • What do all these developments mean for you?
  • Music at the end