Quinty van der Geest

My voice is my brand

Quinty van der Geest

My voice is my brand

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My name is Quinty van der Geest. A 21-year-old Dutch artist who sings English pop music, with a country feel and a soft sound. My mom always said that I could've been born with a microphone in my hands. I have always known that the stage is where I belong. 

It is my mission to inspire people and make them feel something with the power of my voice.

You can book me for live performances in The Netherlands, Belgium and all throughout Europe (for now). With a starting rate at €297 for a 15-minute solo performance. 

The possibilities are wide open so let's come in contact and I would love to think with you.

About me

My name is Quinty van der Geest and since 2002, I have had a love for performing on stage, singing, entertaining and inspiring others. This love has only grown stronger and went together with great ambitions.

My dream was and goal is to become the first female artist from The Netherlands ro break through internationally.

"I can't live an ordinary life, when I feel like the extraordinary is waiting for me."

Feel to be Real


'Quiet' the CD

You can now pre-order my first cd ever! With my new single 'Quiet' coming out on January 26th, we wanted to do something special. When you order your copy now, I will sign it for you and pay your shipping costs! 

P.s. there's a bonus track on it too!

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